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I Gave up Not Exercising for Lent This Year

This is the workout exercise bar not yet assembled. I use it for exercising during Lent.
After four years of not exercising, I developed a plan to give that up for Lent. I highlight some of the bodyweight excercises I will perform, compliments to "The Herschel Walker Workout." I also share a song to sing on meatless Fridays during Lent.

Who’s Got it Better Than Us…in Northeast Ohio?!

Ten-day weather forecast from Weather Underground for Cortland, Ohio showing sub-freezing average temperatures for the third week of January.
Jack Harbaugh’s philosophy of “Who’s got it better than us?!” is about being grateful for what you have. Perhaps we in Northeast Ohio can utter his words when we step outside to sub-freezing temperatures as we return home from watching the Cleveland Browns lose in the first round of the football playoffs.