Punk Music | 1983 | “Unrehearsed Wrongs” | The Disrupters

The 1983 album titled "Unrehearsed Wrongs" by the anarcho punk band "The Disrupters" from Norwich, England.

Early 1980s anarcho-punk music relates to our current socio-political environment. This subgenre generally speaks-out against political corruption, crony capitalism, war/violence, and pollution. One doesn’t need to subscribe to the extreme left-right ideologies to appreciate the music, which is often created from just a few simple chords on a guitar.

The Disrupters’ 1983 Album

The Hippies Now Wear Black (a blog about the anarcho-punk movement in the UK, 1977-1984) shared a limited vinyl re-issue from July 2022 of the 1983 album “Unrehearsed Wrongs” by the Norwich, England band “The Disrupters.” The band was active from 1980-1988 and 2007-2011.

The Disrupters' "Unrehearsed Wrongs" 1983 album re-issue from July 2022 by OVERGROUND RECORDS.

The Music

And, for your listening pleasure, Side 2 of the album uploaded by OldGrey Punk. It begins with the best song, “Cabbage,” which is appropriate for summer garden season and “the vegetable patch.”

“Unrehearsed Wrongs” – Side 2 – The Disrupters

Here is Side 1, which begins with a poem – a spoken word song titled “Norvic The Clown.” It’s about corruption and hypocrisy witnessed within parts of religious institutions (not the word of the Bible).

“Unrehearsed Wrongs” – Side 1 – The Disrupters

Track Listing

Side 1

  1. Norvic The Clown
  2. Gas The Punx
  3. ‘Randy’ Andy Murders Children
  4. Job Satisfaction
  5. Animal Farm
  6. Windscale Cheeseburger
  7. A Cat Can Operate It

Side 2

  1. Cabbage
  2. Leper’s Breakfast
  3. Do Something
  4. Obscene
  5. Pigs In Blue
  6. Napalm

The Band’s Story

If this band or the punk sub-genre resonates with you, and you don’t mind the sounds of cats meowing in the background during an hour-and-twenty-minute interview, then you might find “The Disrupters, the Story of a Punk Band” worth a listen.

“In 1980 four young punks decided to form a band, although they had more enthusiasm than talent but that didn’t matter, this was what punk was all about…”

“With no real idea of what they were doing it was never an easy ride but it was always a compulsion. Heavily influenced by Crass they soon found a niche in the ‘anarcho punk’ scene of the 1980s…”

The Disrupters, the Story of a Punk Band
The Disrupters, the Story of a Punk Band

Closing Words

Lastly, for a parting recommendation: the four-song cassette tape, “Self Rule” (Tape 1985), which reflects good ol’ DIY punk ethos. And, of course, some band merchandise: a ‘Gas the Punx’ t-shirt.

Disrupters – Self Rule (Tape 1985)

So, what did you like and dislike about the band and its music? Did you find a source to the lyrics?


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