Did CounterIt.ch Provide Tucker Carlson Inspiration About Pharma Bro?

Tucker Carlson interviews Pharma Bro (Martin Shkreli) on Twitter/X. They talk about our legal system, Hillary jokes, prison, and business.

Remember my post from a couple of months ago about Pharma Bro, Martin Shkreli?


It appears some former followers of a business blog and some other media platforms where I’d post prescient thoughts found my little personal blog here, probably hoping, with bated breath, that I’ll post some actionable business-related ideas at some point.1Patience, grasshoppers. Patience.

“Why do you say that?” you ask.

Well, both Tucker and a Tyler at ZeroHedge just released an update about Pharma Bro – two months after my insightful post.

Of course, it’s probably all just a coincidence.

Pharma Bro Snippets

Here are some snippets from the Tucker Carlson and Martin Shkreli interview, compliments of ZeroHedge:2The article’s archive link is here.

Is there a systemic bias within our legal system against certain individuals?

“It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re guilty or not.”

While out on bail, and before getting sentenced, Martin also made the mistake of making Hillary Clinton the butt of a joke by suggesting she is a “lizard person” and then telling his followers on Facebook that he’d pay money for a strand of her hair [to test its DNA].

“And all of a sudden I found myself in front of a judge and they’re throwing me in prison. And yeah, I said something stupid – snide. It was a joke – you know as a comedian, not all your jokes land. And I – actually one of the reasons I have a social media following is, I think some people find my stuff funny.

And you know, I tried to poke fun at power and authority and you know all kinds of people who need to be taken down a peg…

…and, you know, this joke fell flat.

It was some silly joke about Hillary Clinton’s DNA, and it got taken the wrong way by actually a New Yorker reporter – kind of flagged it.”

Tucker’s Interview


  • (3:24) Most Hated Man in America
  • (7:20) Hillary Clinton
  • (9:57) @wagieeacc Dragged Before Congress3The “@wagieeacc” is Martin’s Twitter handle via Nitter.
  • (28:17) The Hillary Joke
  • (32:33) Life in Prison
  • (36:09) Sam Bankman-Fried
  • (44:35) Trump & Prison
  • (47:38) More Sam Bankman-Fried

Video: Tucker On X | Episode 36

Note: If the above embedded Twitter video doesn’t initially load in your browser, then reload your browser. Otherwise, you may visit the links directly on Twitter and Nitter.4Nitter is an opensource Twitter frontend to view feeds without incurring invasive ads and tracking


Closing Words

Now you. What are your opinions about the harsh penalties wielded against Pharma Bro? Do you consider his Hillary joke comical?


  • 1
    Patience, grasshoppers. Patience.
  • 2
    The article’s archive link is here.
  • 3
    The “@wagieeacc” is Martin’s Twitter handle via Nitter.
  • 4
    Nitter is an opensource Twitter frontend to view feeds without incurring invasive ads and tracking

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