Surfside Taco Stand in D.C. Pays $4K Per Week for Security Guards

Given surging crime in Washington, D.C., Surfside taco stand pays $4,000 per week for security guards.

How much does it cost for protection by the mafia nowadays? It’s got to be a lot less than $4,000 per week, right?

I ask because I’m penciling-out a small business plan for a taco stand in the Warren-Youngstown, Ohio area.

After all, if this little taco stand can afford $4,000 per week for security guards and still make bank…

Surfside Taco Stand in Washington, D.C. Pays $4K Per Week for Security Guards

Per the article on Breitbart:

Washington, DC, restaurateur Bo Blair spends more than $4,000 a week on guarded protection for his taco stand “Surfside” to prevent crime from discouraging business, per a Tuesday report.

Also, I anticpate your asking, “How much do tacos actually cost at Surfside?”

Well, according to the taco stand’s menu, it costs between $16 and $19 for two (2) tacos. Other items are more expensive, topping out at $175 for a chicken-steak-shrimp family fajita box. Tips not included.

Of course, business is probably really good at Surfside’s current location to justify paying so much money for security guards rather than just moving to a safer location in the area.1To be fair, according to, D.C. is still safer than 2% of neighborhoods in the U.S.

However, at what point will the costs to pay for protection due to surging crime in inner cities exceed the benefits of running a food establishment? At that point, a lot more people will be making their meals at home.

Until then, as Bo Blair, the owner of the Surfside taco stand and restaurant said, “It’s like the Wild West.”


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    To be fair, according to, D.C. is still safer than 2% of neighborhoods in the U.S.

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