Yuge Italian Zucchini

My yuge Italian Zucchini with herbs and a big tomato.

I picked a few veggies and herbs (just basil and dandelions) from the garden to complement this evening’s main course: pork, fried in a pan on the stove-top. My intention was to make outside-grilled zucchini and pork, but the clouds rolled in with some light rain.

Anyway, as one can see, my first harvested Italian Zucchini of the season is huge. No, it’s yuge. So are the tomatoes.

My Yuge Italian Zucchini, with herbs and a big tomato.
Yuge Italian Zucchini

Note, too, less than two weeks ago, I could barely notice the shape of any zucchini forming. But, since my area had a lot of rain recently, these grew like weeds. I have a lot of eggplant that’ll be ready in a week or so, as well.

I’ll probably have to start canning soon, or something, because my little 1,000 square foot vegetable patch is now overachieving expectations. Bigly!

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